Girlfriends in God Devotional App Reviews

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It is great and I love it. It would be great if we were given different color options for highlighting and check mark on each so wed know which were done with daily devotional reading

Great app

Am enjoying spending time with these godly women.

Super App

The devotionals are encouraging and challenging. Its clear that these ladies are real and sharing from theyre hearts and experiences. Each days reading keeps me interested in reading the next one. Thanks!


I love this app. It gets me started each day. I like that I can email the devotionals to my friends without an issue.

Beautiful App!

I love the content, but I have trouble sharing with Facebook and opening in email. I already subscribe to daily devotionals and follow on Facebook, so Im not sure what the problem is.


This is one of my favorite devotionals. I would recommend this app to anyone!

Didnt care for it

I was looking for some uplifting stories and thoughts, but this covered a lot about climbing out of a dark depression hole which does not pertain to me. Also did not like the fact that it came across talking about serving and being subservient to your husband- this isnt the 1950s, so that was a huge turn off to me.

really enjoying this app!

i love the messages i read every morning! they are such a blessing and so well-written, too. my only small gripe is that when attempting to email a particular reading, the email button doesnt work, and closes down the entire app. can this be fixed?

Love GiG, love the app, BUT…

Just an FYI - went to copy a Devi to put in my notes (a separate app), and it crashed, and didnt copy, bummer). Which is why 4 stars, not 5. Other than that, love yall, love what you do for sisters in Christ! Keep on keepin on!

GiG <3

This app is amazing. I read a different writing every single day. It has helped me maintain and finally start getting over my emotional pain as a sinner. These women are powerful and a Godsend to me!

Love it!

Always wonderful versus and life stories to go with it. I would recommend to all my girlfriends!


I love how there is a real life story that connects to each scripture!


What a way to start each day!


This devotional has helped me each day. The only thing I wished it was seven days a week. I just plug in the verses with my King James Bible and read the foot notes. By far the best yet have all my female family and friends on this app! Need more things like this in our lives. God is great

Just what we needed

I recently adopted a 14 year old daughter. This daily devotional is a wonderful tool which helps ground us each day. Whether we start or end the day reading it together, I feel some of the tensions between us slip away, and we share some quality time. Topics are always relevant and thought provoking. Thanks.

Incredible Encouragement

I love these devotionals and the challenges and questions they pose. I end up sharing them so much with friends that they inevitably download the app themselves. Your words are always right on time for the season that many of us are in right now... Thank you for allowing god to use you to bless so many women!!!


Love love love this app

Love This App

It is a great way to start or end my day!

Perfect for Busy Moms!!!

Awesome daily devotional for busy moms!!!!! So thankful for this!!!


This has been such a blessing. Thank you!!!! Good job.

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